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Outlet Repair & Replacement Services Surprise, AZ

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Changing or Replacing an Outlet

Like everything else the electrical outlets have a limited lifespan. Usually when the outlet appears to be dead the fix can be simple. First things first – check all other outlets to see if this is an isolated problem or if you have a much larger problem.

First of all there are some basic tools you must have and if you don’t then call a professional. You need to have:

  • 4 in 1 screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Voltage tester
  • Safety glasses
  • Needle nose pliers

Now, if your problem is isolated then you need to shut power off at the main breaker. You need to look for loose terminals, loose stab-in connections and loose wires at wire connectors. If there is a loose connection replacing the outlet with a new one is the best thing to do and it is not expensive. Loose connections more often than not create excess heat that can cause more damage and land up causing you major headaches down the road.

If you have any feelings of doubt trying to do this yourself then don’t. That’s your gut feeling telling you a professional is required for the job to be done properly and safely.

There is something else that is very important – should you discover aluminum wiring do NOT mess around with this. Call a licensed electrician who knows how to deal with this!

Repairing Outlets Specifically for Appliances

Many appliances are powered by a special outlet, with a single breaker controlling the power for a single appliance. There is good reason for this – large appliances use more electricity. Although refrigerators use a standard outlet and breaker, appliances such as ovens, dryers and many models of air conditioners use different outlets to manage the electricity they require.  

These outlets and the wires that connect them to your electrical panel are more intricate and cost more than the standard outlets. They are also more trickier than the standard outlet so this is a job best left for a professional.

There is not a doubt that at some point in your home’s life installing new outlets is a good idea. Depending on the life of your home by being proactive and changing outlets can thwart off potential trouble later on down the road. Making sure you’re outlets are up-to-date is important.

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