Water Leak Detection

Surprise Leak Detection Services

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Leak Detection Services Surprise, AZ

Few things are as damaging as an insidious water leak in your Surprise, AZ home or business. Perhaps you noticed the brown water mark on the ceiling, or noticed your water bill drastically increasing one month. Maybe a wall in your home feels soft and damp. A water leak can cause serious damage to your home, even weakening the structure of your home, should the leak continue for long enough. Don’t delay; if you suspect a water leak, call in the experts at Plumber brothers today.

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Signs of a Water Leak

Water leaks can be detected through several different ways. Brown marks on your ceiling indicate water is leaking down from above. Soft or damp walls indicate a serious leak behind the wall. An increase in your water bill can also be a sign of a leak. Less obvious signs of a leak include dripping or gurgling noises in your home and less water pressure than in the past.

When you fix a leak, you want to make sure all areas of the leaking pipe have been repaired. Calling a knowledgeable technician in is a wise choice. An experienced plumber knows how to detect hidden leaks, like those in underground pipes. Plumbers use a sounding device to find leaking water in out-of-reach spots.

Where are the Leaks?

It is, of course, important to find all the leaks in your home if you want to rectify your problem. Some leaks could be occurring from a faulty roof, in which case it’s time to call a roofing expert. If your leaks are coming from your plumbing system, it’s time to turn to a trusted plumber. Leaks can occur anywhere in the plumbing system, from an improperly sealed toilet, to the kitchen sink pipes.

One type of leak that causes a lot of damage is called a slab leak. It occurs when an underground pipe (located under the home’s concrete slab, hence the name), develops pinhole leaks and begins pooling and causing damage to the concrete. Older homes, especially those with copper pipe, are prone to this problem. If you have an older home, it may be a good idea to have a plumber come in and determine if there are any leaks before you notice a problem. A short visit from a plumber today may save you countless hours of stress and worry down the road when you begin to realize the scale of damage that has been silently building behind your walls and underground.

If you have a water leak, don’t delay. Call the honest name in Surprise, AZ plumbing. Call Plumber Brothers at (623) 939-9421 to experience 40 years of plumbing knowledge.